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Who We Are

Pink Elephant Graphics started out as our home business where  we have committed our creativeness to providing fun, original graphics. Now with 4 artists, numerous permissions to use outside talent and many years of experience and training, we are able to create graphics and web templates of great variety. We hope that by sharing our graphic creations we can aid our members and visitors in enhancing their emails, websites, desktops and friend posts.

Become a member and get access to member only downloads, meet new friends and get involved in upcoming additions to the site! Can you contribute webmaster tips?  Let us know.  Join us and contribute your links, knowledge or experience. Everyone needs inspiration  a time or two in their life...  contact us.

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*Prize for contest next week will be: A top of the page banner, full-sized, either made for you or one of your own, run on our sites home page for two weeks OR custom made image put into our new store onto REAL MERCHANDISE to be included in our new store for a month, you get the proceeds!!!

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We are going to be upgrading to a top level server when we start getting more members and activity to the site, at which time we have been informed that our rating will jump to the mid 90's...  

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